Let's clean the world of single use packaging
Our network of cleaning hubs make reusing packaging simple, CO2 beneficial and the same price as single use 🎉
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Units of packaging reused
Tonnes of
CO2 saved
kJ energy
Tonnes of water saved
How it works
We partner with retailers, hotels, councils and more to collect used packaging.
We've designed our cleaning hubs from the ground up to efficiently process & clean packaging for safe and affordable reuse.
Cleaned packaging is returned to your filling facility in 'as new' condition, matching the format of your current single use supplier.
Three reasons to reuse packaging
Raw materials are running out.
All known oil reserves will be depleted by 2052. We need materials to last for longer, every reuse can halve packaging waste.
Recycling won't solve it alone.
Recycling rates are very low (2% closed loop recycled), every cycle uses lots of energy to reprocess and it can only happen 2-3 times.
Legislation is coming, get ahead & save big.
Legislation against single use is only going one way (plastics tax, Enhanced Producer Responsibility, etc etc). Reuse your packaging to save on compliance costs.
Become a partner
We’d love to hear from producers, brands, retailers or anyone who see’s an opportunity to partner to reuse packaging.
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Become a partner
We work with organisations big and small to clean packaging for reuse.  
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you deliver packaging back to me?
We deliver packaging back to your filling facility in the same format as your current packaging supplier (typically in pallets, crates or boxes).
How do you collect packaging?
We receive used packaging from a number of partners (retailers, hotels, waste management companies, etc). If you're a business who wants to go zero waste, please get in touch on hello@useagain.io
What are your cleaning standards?
As we clean packaging for well known beverage, personal care & home care brands, we take cleanliness standards and QC very seriously. We have full protocols for different industries, please request them at hello@useagain.io
What packaging can you accept?
Today we're optimised for bottles, jars, tubs (anything that is typically difficult to clean). We accept a full range of materials, so please get in touch for more details.
How much does it cost?
Our pricing is our best feature. We match the unit price of single use in most industries and sku's.
Is it actually better than recycling?
Short answer is yes. We use less water, energy and produce less KgCO2 than recycling. Plus packaging can be both recyclable and reusable to minimise packaging waste even further.